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Day 3: Inner Thighs, Hamstrings and Core

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Challenge Day… *Equipment Needed :     Fit ball and Mat.

Focus :    Welcome to our Fit Ball Challenge Day 3: inner thighs, hamstrings and core. 

Class Level :     Intermediate. 

The Course of this Class :    Come lie down on the mat and pop your legs up on the ball to challenge these 3 muscle groups. Next, we’ll move around a bit and then… At the end, test yourself to see how connected you are after all our work by balancing kneeling on top the ball! And don’t forget to join us for Day 4 where we’ll develop more upper body strength!

Goals :     Develop more strength, power and agility with the fit ball.

Next up :  Day 4: Arms and Upper Body Strength

Previously : Day 2: Core Strength & Precision, Day 1: Balance and Centering

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