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Day 5: Total Body Strength & Balance

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :     Fit ball and Mat.

Focus :    Welcome to Day 5 of our fit ball challenge: Total Body fitball Strength & Balance. We are going to continue building our global strength, combining what we have done in the past 4 sessions and bringing it all together. Get ready to test your strength and confidence on the ball.

Class Level :     Intermediate on up. If you aren’t quite there yet, give it your all and modify for anything you need to. A challenge is all about working up to a level ;)

The Course of this Class :     We should be ready for a strong start today, so we start with some single leg standing work. We’ll move right into working our posterior chain to open the chest and fire up the booty. Then it’s all about our CORE so we are good and warm to practice our planks and pikes at the end!

Goals :     Become stronger, fitter, more balanced and agile on the fit ball, as well as more confident using it. Today you can test and see how you feel you are progressing in your own body.

Last day of the challenge tomorrow! :   Day 6: Finalé Fitball Challenge

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