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Welcome to our 10 Day Fit Kickstart program! New to Gone Adventuring and not sure where to start? Looking to get fit again, or just starting out? Let us take you around the world adventuring while you build your strength and confidence from the comfort of your own home! Yes this program was filmed in a few locations down under, in the land of the kiwis and baguettes and wine.

This program is a perfect mix of at-home, beginner-friendly mat workouts to tone your entire body and pick up your metabolism. Designed to build strength, increase your fitness level and your confidence with an easily attainable daily workout routine. You only need 20-25 minutes a day, a mat and a very few small props. At the end of these 10 days you’ll feel considerably more confident and empowered in your own movement, strength and you’ll be motivated to continue in your fit journey.

These 10 days of workouts will focus each day on strengthening a pair of muscles which work hand-in-hand in the body. We will add in cardio blasts to each session to: 1) Get our heart rate up, 2) Boost our metabolism, and 3) Gradually increase our fitness level. So, whether you are new to fitness; coming back after a break; or you just want to join for some fun movement from beautiful corners of the world, this is all about building happy, healthy, strong bodies. Let’s kickstart our fitness, strength and confidence together!

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