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Short days? Crazy busy days where there’s just no time for you?

Or have you been out of fitness for a while and need a boost to get back into it without feeling intimidated by a 40+ minute workout?

Our 3 – 12 minute workouts (well, one goes over by a few minutes 😉) is all you need to MOVE TODAY! Sometimes we lack motivation when we have so little time for our own workouts that we decide to skip it until the moment we find more time. And then sometimes, that happens but often day after day goes by that our bodies get robbed of healthy and cleansing movement. We were made to move and so on those days we just don’t have the time we’ve created these 3 short 12 minute workouts you can do right from home. This short program is geared for ALL LEVELS as our goal is to give you that boost, a little jumpstart, to move today no matter what you have going on or how long it’s been since you last moved! No judgment, do this for you, do this for your body, you’ll feel so much better for it!


These 3 quick mat workouts target abs, legs, glutes, balance and connectivity using the balance cushion and hand weights.

If you have more time on one day you can do more than 1 or all 3, you can repeat them too. I wanted to make these like modules you can shift around to make useful in your time schedule for your needs and your goals. I know how difficult it can be in some days to find time for ourselves, but I also know the value and benefit of squeezing it in, even if a very little. It lifts our moods, our energy levels and gives us a fresh perspective of all we are tackling for our day!

Enjoy and thanks for moving with me! – Kristi

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