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15 MIN Athletic Reformer Sculpt + 10 MIN Cardio Tabata Sweat

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Intermediate
Focus : 

Welcome to our Summer Fit Program! Sculpt your total body with a 15 minute focused and intense athletic reformer. Follow this up with 10 minutes of tabata mat drills, only 2 rounds, 4 minutes each. Sweat it to shred it and to keep fit during summer. We tone first and then we trim up.

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a four minute high-intensity interval workout, designed to elevate your metabolism and heart rate immediately to a high anaerobic zone. The work to rest ratio is two-to-one. Anaerobic simply means your heart has to work too hard to use oxygen as fuel so it’s gonna burn those extra calories for fuel! Just what we all want, right?! It is the most intense type of HIIT training due to short but very intense work intervals with even shorter rest periods. It is excellently effective for weight management as well as loss, and is done in a quicker time period than traditional HIIT.

For our Summer Fit Series we want you to be able to do all the extra activities that come with summer. If you have a different cardio activity you prefer, then remember – join us for the athletic reformer and then hit your own cardio afterwards. The success of this program will be the addition and consistency of cardio as much as the sculpting time.

Equipment Needed : 

Your Reformer only for the first part of class. For our tabata round you will want your mat – or the floor, and a jump rope IF you have one. If you don’t you’ll just jump in place. You also may like to have your trainers (shoes) on for this part of class.

The Course of this Class :

Athletic reformer means you’ll be standing, practicing balance and weight transfer, using coordination while working through each exercise. You’ll work your glutes, legs, feet and ankles to start with. Get ready for flying lunges with push ups working full body next. Then, plenty more planks and core work. You’ll finish with footwork which will feel settling before standing it up and coming over to the mat for the Tabata session. This will include 4 simple exercises for the whole body performed in 1 minute intervals, 2 times around. It’ll go by super fast and you’ll be off to whatever you have next, with your workout done in your pocket! ☑️

Comment below how you like class! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate level taught but suggestions for modifications are given from time to time. Do your best and listen to your body. Even if you have to skip certain exercises try class and you’ll work up to it. For the advanced students, class will move at a likable pace for you today!

Goals : 

Stay fit during summer. Sculpt, shape and tone total body. Strengthen coordination and balance. Improve overall strength. Sweat, raise heart rate, rev metabolism, burn fat and calories. Weight management and loss. Healthy body.

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