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15 MIN Total Body Wall Sculpt + 10 MIN No Repeats, Low Impact Tabata

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

15 minutes of total body toning starting with lower body, moving onto core, and then to upper body sculpting, burning and firming. We use the wall today throughout part 1 of class, a great way to challenge the body and easy to find a wall wherever we might be! 10 minutes of Tabata cardio follow our sculpt class, and today you’ll have no repeats. So for those of you who enjoy mixing it up, today is for you. If you check out a little bit when repeating the same exercises, this class will fly by for you as you won’t be repeating any exercise. 2 rounds of total body work to continue the tone and burn. Plan to stay for the last 2 minutes for a quick cool down at the end of class.

This is day 2, week 9, of our Summer Fit Program!

Equipment Needed : 

For Part 1: Your Mat and a wall. Part 2: just your mat.

The Course of this Class :

Class today starts with a nice standing warm up, and as that is very rare for us here (we usually just jump right in), enjoy getting your blood flowing before heading down onto the mat. Start with feet up on the wall and a lower body series for glutes, hamstrings, legs, ankles and feet, even the backs of the arms and upper back. Next, we move to our core to tighten and tone. Then, we’ll hit the upper body, arms and shoulders predominantly into some inversions to boost mood, metabolism and so much more. If you haven’t done inversions ever or in a long while, pace yourself, and come down and take breaks. Today isn’t too agressive up there, and you can always start with legs lower than higher.

After part 1 of class, we’ll jump right into our Tabata session for 2 rounds, you’ll have 8 exercises in total, and each unique from the next. This is a low impact class to kind to anyone with joint or back issues. Full body training, head to toe. Get that heart rate up, if it isn’t getting up, increase your pace! If it is too high, slow it down. You’ll be done before you know it but the fat burn will continue for the rest of your day!

Comment below to let us know how you did in class! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels. Suggestions are made for modifications if desired, and if you need to increase the level of difficulty simply increase your pace and reps. If you need to decrease the level of difficulty reduce the reps and the pace, take breaks if needed.

Goals : 

Sculpt, tone, trim and shape. Burn fat and calories. Cardio heart health and strength. Improve and increase endurance and stamina. Stronger overall, stronger legs, glutes, core, arms and shoulders. Boost metabolism, energy and mood. Improve vestibular system in brain through inversions. Stay fit during busy schedules. Feel fabulous in your own skin.

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