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20:30 Total Body Sculpt + Skater, Jumpboard Cardio Sweat

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Intermediate

Focus : 

Back by popular demand! This 20:30 strength + cardio workout is an all-in-one, in keeping with our Summer Fit program, and in repeating a favorite on the website (20:30 Strength:Cardio All-in-one, Full Body Jumpboard Workout). You’ll hit your upper back, shoulders, arms, hard core CORE and some booty. Then you’ll blast out that booty, those legs and thighs and much more in a heart-pumping, sweaty cardio jump session. We’ll keep the pace quick and waste no time during out transitions to favor the flow of our workout!

Today is a touch longer than the majority of our Summer Fit workouts, so if you lack time, feel free to do the sculpt part 1 day and the jump part the next day. Don’t feel bad about breaking them apart they are entirely adaptable to that! Otherwise, if you have the time, get ready to work hard and have a blast doing it!

This is day 1, week 7, of our Summer Fit Program!

Remember: if you do not have any equipment used today, choose a prior sessions in the program you enjoyed and repeat that one.

Equipment Needed : 

For Part 1: Reformer and box. If you don’t have the box you can modify and do what we use the box for directly onto the carriage. Suggestions for what this looks like are not in given however it should be relatively simple to do. Part 2: Reformer, the box, and additionally the jumpboard.

The Course of this Class :

Such a fun class, you’ll see lots of diversity and creativity in the flow and the exercises chosen. You’ll start with rowing, move on to reverse abdominals, pulling straps, skating and I’ll leave some surprises for you. Every plane of movement will be worked and challenged. Next, before jumping get ready to heat up your body and rev up your heart rate with some focused skaters and lunges. You’ll continue with planking and tucking before ever getting to that jump board and once you do you’ll be more than ready to jump right into it! Jump in every plane, from both feet and hands. Our pace is quick so we can keep that heart rate up and burn those calories. Have fun with it and keep up the pace!

Let us know in comments below how you liked class! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate level taught with a few more advanced exercises. ALL levels are encouraged to try class today. Listen to your body and modify where needed, always work with stepping up to where you want to be. Form and alignment first!

Goals : 

Total body strengthening and sculpting workout coupled immediately with a cardio toning workout to burn excess calories, fat, boost metabolism, and increase stamina. Build lean muscle. Loose and or maintain healthy weight. Increase power and coordination in movement. Stay fit in summer. Keep it short and efficient; get it done.

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