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23 MIN Total Body Boost Sculpt + 23 MIN Coordinated Cardio Rebounding

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus : 

23 minutes boosting your abs, your booty, and your arm strength for a total body toning and sculpting session before stepping it on up to the trampoline for another 23 minutes rebounding on one leg and over to the other for some fun, coordinated and balanced rebounding cardio. Today’s cardio feels easy and fluid but it’s still doing the work, you’ll raise your heart rate, burn fat, and cleanse your whole body.

This is day 2, week 10, of our Summer Fit Program! Have you been following since the beginning? How are you feeling now? Did you just join us here? Awesome! Drop us a note below after you finish class all the way through! 👇🏼

Remember the rule! If you don’t have a trampoline, JOIN US FOR PART 1 of class today because you can substitute with a stair, step, chair or box. For part 2 of class please choose amongst the other cardio workouts in our program here to make sure you get your cardio in, or head out for your own choice cardio workout right after! Either way, follow up with cardio.👍🏼

Equipment Needed : 

Part 1: Mat and trampoline OR stair, step, chair or box. Part 2: your trampoline.

The Course of this Class :

Today’s mat class starts out with focused and targeted core work. Next, we’ll hit our glutes. After that is all heated up get ready to bring it up to upper body, arms and shoulders. We finish with the most difficult exercises and total body burning and firming. Remember, you can do the entire part 1 of class even if you don’t have a trampoline. Class pace is moderate and concentrated on the muscles we are using each exercise. Next, for those of you joining us in rebounding, we’ll practice lots of one legged type jumps, swings and steps. This class has a nice flow to the rebounding while challenging our coordination not just physically but mentally! Today’s jumps stay vertical and upright to get the benefit of the cardio cleanse head to toe, especially for that lymphatic system. Turn on your favorite tunes, maybe a nearby fan or some aircon and get jumping!

Drop us a note below to let us know how you did in class! Did you finish all the way through? Did you mark your workout complete?! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels class today. If you find an exercise too advanced, listen to your body, make necessary modifications and think of building stepping stones to work up to that exercise in full.

Goals : 

Build a stronger core, stronger glutes and hips, stronger arms and shoulders and overall improve your total body strength. Work on concentration and precision. Cardio cleanse through rebounding. Strengthen heart, legs, cells, feet and ankles. Increase stamina and power. Keep fit during busy schedules. Steadily increase in your own practice and fitness level.

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