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24 MIN Soft Ball Sculpt + 19 MIN Balance Beam Jumps

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus : 

24 minutes of deep core strengthening and toning. This includes your whole torso: obliques, lats, chest, back, and your pelvis, so hips and glutes. Today you will really connect to those postural muscles which support your spine, give you endurance, keep you aligned right, and cinch you in. Next for our cardio portion of class you’ll jump for 19 minutes on the footbar instead of the jump board. This will work your coordination, mind-body connectivity, proprioception from feet up, and of course get you a good sweat.

This is day 1, week 10, of our Summer Fit Program! Keep up the consistency, keep coming to your workouts and doing them all the way through, and let us know the changes you are seeing and feeling in your body below!👇

Equipment Needed : 

For Part 1: Reformer and a soft ball (if you don’t have one you can always substitute with a folded or rolled up towel). Part 2: Reformer, a soft ball and the box. If you do not have the box you can still do this part of our workout. We will use it right at the end and you can step up onto the reformer with all springs attached instead of the box.

Remember if you do not have the Reformer today, choose a workout from our program that you enjoyed and would like to repeat for today’s workout.

The Course of this Class :

Starting with the core, get ready to deeply tone your abs while mobilizing your spine and stretching your chest. You’ll see everything from classics to creative variations of exercises in this class session. From footwork to bridges, crunches to leg swings and more. Class pace is steady and modest, thoughtful and focused on centering, control, breath and precision of alignment and movement. Next, jumping on and off the footbar is fun and very challenging. We’ll work that eye-foot coordination while keeping the heat in our core the entire time our legs our springing on and off the bar. Our pace is also steady and brisk though not as quick as jumping on and off the board. You’ll have the chance to use your vision to correct any off pattern you might notice in feet and ankles which is great! And you will get a sweat the same as if you were on the board, if not more. Be ready to move in all planes, including standing. You should finish class feeling worked head to toe, tired from your workout yet with a renewed energy and bounce in your step for whatever you have next!

How did you like class? How did you do? Let us know below in comments! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels class today, this is for everyone. You will find the intensity in the concentration of each exercise. Make sure you are centering, breathing fully, engaging deeply, and moving in best alignment.

Goals : 

Deeply tone and strengthen the core: chest, back, abs, pelvis, hips, and glutes. Improve mind body connectivity and coordination. Better alignment and precision. Burn fat, boost metabolism, improve energy levels. Combine strength and cardio conditioning in one workout for optimal fitness to muscles, bones, and heart health.

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