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27 MIN Core, Booty & more Sculpt + 10 MIN High Intensity Tabata

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

27 minutes of total body toning and sculpting with emphasis on abs and glutes, hips and thighs, but you’ll get upper body in there too. This followed by 10 minutes Tabata high intensity intervals, total body exercises using every muscle, to increase stamina and work cardiovascular training. A 2 minute cool down finishes us out today. This workout is quick and effective to building lean muscle tissue, managing and reducing weight, staying fit, getting stronger, and seeing results from all your training time. If you lack any of the added props today just use body weight and you’ll still have great results.

This is day 2, week 7, of our Summer Fit Program!

Equipment Needed : 

For Part 1: Your Mat. OPTIONAL: a booty band and 1 set of heavier dumbbells. If you have neither or only 1, you can do the rest or all of this workout using body weight only. Part 2: a jump rope and the same set of weights. You don’t even need your mat for the 2nd part of today. You might enjoy wearing shoes for stability. And again, if you don’t have the props, just use body weight, it’s still going to be plenty challenging!

The Course of this Class :

Starting with some nice spinal rolls and glute bridges you’ll move quickly into a longer core and oblique series. Get ready to rock your core! Looking to get more definition in your abs or increase your core strength, these exercises will get you there. Next we move onto side lying legs, then quadruped kicks and much more. You’ll move in every plane for the spine and work every muscle group. Yes to planks, yes to standing scissors and more! Next we’ll move over to our Tabata run which is super simple today. 4 exercises only comprise our 2 rounds of 4 minutes each. We’ll move as quickly as we can through, but you can pace yourself and choose slower or faster within each timed segment. Give it all you got, this high intensity training is incredibly effective to increasing fitness level as well as burning fat long after you finish your workout! Win – win!

Remember if you are ever short on time, you can break part 1 and part 2 apart. But if you can, try to do it all together and following your strength training immediately with your cardio will help you burn more excess calories and stored fat.

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Class Level : 

ALL levels. Small suggestions are made for modifications where they may be desired.

Goals : 

Shape, tone, sculpt, build lean, and burn fat. Cardio, heart health, and fitness stamina and endurance. Build greater core strength and overall strength. Increase metabolism and circulation. Boost energy levels and mood. Make our workout work even after we finish. Get our workout in even on a busy schedule. Stay fit during summer. Be confident in our own skin. Have fun when working out.

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