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Perfect for: Fat loss, lean muscle gain, total body transformation.

Welcome to our 30 day Strength Training for Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gain Program. In 4 short weeks, transform your fitness direct at home with brand NEW workouts customized just for you. From strength training, using resistance, body weight and weight lifting; to HIIT, Cardio, and stretch sessions you’ll get all the guidance, motivation and tools you need to get results from head to toe. Each day will focus on a different muscle group in order to maximize your strength, boost your metabolism and transform your body.

These 2 goals are the TOP goals amongst our Gone Adventuring community:

1. Fat loss

2. Lean muscle gain, get stronger, tone and sculpt. 

Watch our intro video to learn more, scroll down directly to start the workout videos, or jump to what to plan for, find all the nitty gritty details below…👇🏼

And don’t cheat by watching before you start but once finished GO check out all you did in 30 days!🥂

 No more guess work. You don’t have to wonder which workouts you should choose in order to get the results you are looking for. We’ve uniquely created this program for you to see real change and actual progressions in your body and your fitness. Nearly all our workouts on Gone Adventuring build lean muscle and encourage elongated, strong muscles giving that long, lean silhouette. However, strength training for fat loss is a bit more specific and weight training effectively addresses this need. Therefore, we will be using dumbbells throughout this program, combining the best of both training methods. If you are new to lifting weights we suggest you start with just body weight until you feel confident that you are able to maintain best alignment throughout each exercise. At this point, add in the weights.

Videos are ordered from first to last, top to bottom.


What equipment do I  need?

There is 1 program for Mat and 1 program for the Reformer. Dumbbells will be used each workout. Additional props such as a booty band, resistance band and box will be added from time to time though suggestions will be given if you don’t have these. You can always find a link to order these to have at home in the description of each video. Keep an eye out for each individual workout for what equipment is being used.

What can I expect from the workouts?

There are 6 workouts per week about 30-40 minutes each in order for this to be an attainable program for everyone’s timeline:

  • 1 Lower body workout
  • 1 Upper body workout
  • 1 Full body workout
  • 1 HIIT workout
  • 1 Cardio workout
  • 1 Stretch workout 
The 3rd goal amongst our Gone Adventuring community is: Gain flexibility. So your 6th day of each week is a flexibility day. Don’t skip this day! Your body will need this day to recover and lengthen back up again. This is crucial to the success of developing lean, long lines.
*️⃣ Remember that you can always adapt the program to fit your needs. If you have more time and need more challenge, do the workouts twice. Or, better yet, do one of the hand-selected workouts thoughtfully and uniquely listed out for you at the bottom of each video description. This is by no means required for the results that this program delivers. This is only suggested to those of you who are over-achievers. 😉

What practice level do I need to have?

This program is FOR EVERYONE.

Modifications will be given throughout when needed. The most important thing is that you listen to your body, and modify and adapt when you need. This program is meant to push us out of our comfort zones because we won’t see change there. But, we must balance that push and not go too hard too fast. Give your body the stepping stones it needs and you will absolutely see change!

Track your progressions!

Take a before and after photo! And also, notice the change of your ability to do a certain exercise you find really difficult at the beginning of our program, see how you feel at the end. Track strength progressions & energy levels, not just physical appearance. It all counts, it all matters!

Pay attention to your 🥑nutrition, 💧hydration and 💤sleep

When we are strength training for fat loss & building lean muscle tone, a ton of that success relies on how we choose to fuel our bodies, if we are properly hydrating and getting enough sleep at night. As you sweat and work hard, this should encourage other good choices.


  • Drink AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces of water EVERY DAY. That’s the minimum without sweating. So make a point to top that! Fat loss requires washing out those stored toxins, a lack of water means there’s no way they can move on out! Oh psst: other liquids don’t count. You can have them, but they don’t make up for the water your body needs.


  • Choose whole foods over processed foods. Whether you eat dairy and choose organic whole milk or you are dairy-free and you use coconut milk without all the additives; whether you eat gluten and choose whole grain or are gluten-free and choose quinoa; whether you are keto or paleo or veggie or pescatarian. Choose smart, choose the smallest load of toxins possible. Avoid excess sugar. Have a sweat tooth? That’s ok! Just choose good dark chocolate, or less processed sugars. Balance it all out. It’s all, always about balance. Healthy choices in one place helps with healthy choices elsewhere. And meal plan! Don’t get to the end of the day with nothing prepared, that’s the easiest to go to the less healthy choices.


  • Go to bed at least 1-2 hours before midnight. Did you know that 1 hour before midnight on the clock = 2 hours of sleep after midnight, that’s how your body feels it. So it matters. Don’t have a bedtime routine? Think about starting one to wind down and be ready to nod off. The body cleanses at night. If you don’t give it that time, it won’t be able to, again, unload those stored toxins. But, if you give it sleep, your stress reduces and you’ll be amazed how much quicker you see results!
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 Once you’ve finished your 30 days, or if you can’t wait 😉, here is a visual celebratory recap of all you have done!🥳💪🥂

We’re excited to have you join us! If you are returning for your 2nd time, you will be charged today. There is no 2nd free trial. Thank you for your understanding.