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30 Min Rebounding Workout – Cardio Sprints + Core Strength

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

Full body fitness, cardio endurance, cellular exercise and cleansing, all in this 30 min rebounding workout. Expect cardio spurts and yes we begin with core strengthening on the trampoline mat. Rebounding is amazing and is such a complete workout. It isn’t “just” cardio. It will literally exercise your individual cells making them stronger and healthier, now that’s pretty cool! 😎 In a world with a lot of toxic junk and overload through the environment, our food sources and so much, we need an exercise form like this!

*Equipment Needed : 

Trampoline (preferably a high quality trampoline mat which absorbs more than 80% of the shock. If you follow the link here you’ll find our trampoline made by Bellicon and it absorbs 95% of the shock. We recommend getting the strongest bungees). Nothing else needed today.

The Course of this Class :

If you want to start with a strength training class before hitting your cardio with us, GO HERE to take the same class Cassie and I just finished before bouncing! Then come back here to jump with us! 👍🏼

We start with 6 minutes of ab core strength exercises; we pick it up to our feet and start our bounces Cardiolates style. This means staying vertical and respecting our ideal alignment to get the full affects of that cellular exercise and cleansing, in addition to an even distribution of the impact throughout the entire body head to toe. After a good warm-up we’ll pick up the cardio pace, hinge at the hip and go for a cardio spurt or sprint. These jumps really get the heart rate up quickly into that cardio training range. We’ll finish in our ideal alignment and check our balance at the end. These cardio sprints really got me, whoa! I know I was doing the talking so I tire out much quicker but I loved the challenge and the sweat!

Try class and then let me know below in comments what it was like for you! 👇🏼Did you get a sweat?

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Improve cardiovascular conditioning, stamina, endurance and fitness. Cellular cleansing and strengthening. Total body toning and lifting (seriously guys, we’re rebounding UP from gravity here, think “face lift” “butt lift” 😅 It’s true!!). Posture re-affirming, that is, our best posture. HAVE FUN because a 30 min rebounding workout is just fun and we all need that in our workouts!

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