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35 MIN HIIT, Sculpt, Jump & Pump + 5 MIN Stretch, Balance & Cool down

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus : 

We’re combining our part 1 and part 2 classes today into another all-in-one. You’ll get both that sculpt and that heart pumping sweat in this 35 minute Reformer class followed by a 5 minute cool down working balance and flexibility. This is total body toning, training and strengthening today. Plan to move your spine in all directions as well as all planes (meaning standing, lying, etcetera). Do not miss the end of class as you’ll get to work on 2 challenging balance, stretch and strength exercises using a simple and accessible modification not always shown in other workouts.

You’re almost there!!! 🥳 This is day 2, week 12 of our Summer Fit Program!

Equipment Needed : 

Your Reformer and the box. Additional and optional props used today are the booty band and a medium size soft ball. If you do not have one or both of these, don’t fret! You can still follow along without them. You can always substitute with household items as well such as a rolled up towel in place of the ball. Otherwise, click on the links and order one to have at home for your next workouts! They are so easy to store and pack a lot of bang for your buck!

Remember our rule! IF you don’t have the Reformer, don’t skip your workout today, repeat one of our prior workouts that you loved and you have the equipment for! Make sure to get both strength and cardio in.👍🏼

The Course of this Class :

Start with a core strengthening warm up to fire up your abs and then we’ll use them to stabilize us when we jump into our first HIIT segment of class. Get ready to alternate between floor work and Reformer work. Between standing and lying, kicking and planking. Unlike other HIIT classes you won’t have any repeats today but we will use intervals and move quickly from one segment to the next to keep our heart rate elevated. You’ll work your plank position, lunges, side overs, back extension, eye-foot coordination and much more. YES YOU WILL JUMP! I know you are thinking, why is there no jump board in this class? What I am officially calling “balance beam” jumps, that’s what we have today guys! So aim for that foot bar and work those feet and those ankles. This is a great way to strengthen your arches. I won’t give away any more of class, you’ll have to click on the video and follow the workout to find out. 😉 The rest is up to you, give it all you got, it’s only 35 minutes and then a 5 minute finish with 2 fun and challenging stretch and strength exercises. Don’t miss them, and then you can check this workout complete below! Job well done! See you for our last one of the program in 2 more days! ☑️

Share with us below how you did in class, anything that stood out to you?👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate level taught today but as always ALL levels are strongly encouraged to take today’s class. Always listen to your body and follow the modifications given if you need to tone it down or kick it up a notch.

Goals : 

Sculpt and sweat. Build lean and burn fat. Increase overall strength, stamina, endurance, balance, and coordination. Improve flexibility and mobility. Boost energy levels. Shape and tone. Keep fit when short on time, stick to a program and see the changes in your body and fitness, feel confident in yourself. Combine strength training with cardiovascular training using intervals for maximum health and fitness benefits and results. Improve visible muscle definition, manage weight.

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