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40 MIN All-in-one Get Stretchy, Get Sculpty & Get Sweaty

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus : 

40 minutes of combined stretching and opening, sculpting and toning, and faster pace exercises in intervals to pick up that heart rate and bring the heat. Today we depart from our part 1 part 2 class format and are combining it all into one fluid workout. If you don’t have enough time today, pause and resume the following day, but make sure to finish the workout all the way to the end so you can mark it complete and see it in your list of completed workouts! Today you will work your total body from glutes and thighs, to abs and core, to arms and shoulders. You’ll also work your balance and coordination as our exercises are from time to time athletic and functional requiring complex movements.

This is day 1, week 11 of our Summer Fit Program!

The success of our Summer Fit Program is the cardio mixed in to today’s sculpt and strength exercises. This combination and working with intervals is what is key to managing weight, losing weight, improving our fitness level, exercising the heart and cleansing the veins. We hope with this series you will be motivated to fuel well, sleep well, and live well as we increase our energy levels, boost our mood, and feel confident in our own skin.

Equipment Needed : 

Your Reformer and the box. IF you do not have the box, please join us anyways and do those exercises either directly on the carriage or on the mat.

Remember the rule of thumb! IF you do not have the Reformer, do not skip your workout today, but choose from one of the prior sessions in this program for which you do have the equipment and repeat that workout!

The Course of this Class :

Though we use HIIT style intervals today they will be woven into a more traditional Reformer class flow so you will not have any rounds or repeats. We will start out with some hip opening stretches and then move into booty and leg work. From there our flow takes us into some focused and targeted abdominal exercises. Then, we’ll take it up for some planks testing out that total body strength and connectivity. Afterwards we will move into some more functional exercises that strengthen us for any and all of our daily activities. We finish today with a beautiful heart opening stretch that will send you off relaxed and energized all at once.

Share below how you did in class, what did you like the most, what challenged you, any questions you have about any of our exercises today? Comment below 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels. Modifications are mentioned from time to time for any exercises that may prove above level for some. If you find you need to modify when a modification is not offered, please listen to your body and modify appropriately.

Goals : 

Better flexibility and mobility. Improve functional fitness, glute and hip strength and gate strength. Boost heart rate and metabolism. Improve coordination and balance. Burn fat. Improve lean muscle tone throughout total body. Keep fit and improve fitness level. Combine strength training with cardio for maximum results in muscle tone, definition and weight management.

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