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40 Min Power Pilates – Full Body – Weight Lifting Challenge

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

Full body, 40 min power Pilates using heavier weights to strictly encourage building leaner muscle mass, increase fat burn and cardio challenge. This is an athletically geared Reformer class, very similar to our well-loved Athletic Reformer Pumped Challenge class. Expect to challenge your diagonals, your core, your obliques; your balance, your glutes, your legs; your chest and arms. Today is short, sweet, and very effective.

*Equipment Needed : 

Reformer, the long box, and hand weights (choose whatever weight is most appropriate for you, but choose a weight that you know will challenge you!).

The Course of this Class :

Short on time today? This workout will get all the right spots: upper body, core and lower body, and challenge you in no time! Increase your strength, lean muscle mass, and stamina today. Our hand weights are essential as part of our workout and not an optional prop. The weights will be what ups our strength building challenge as well as our fat burn. This is a great way to mix 2 differing types of training: weight training and body weight with resistance training. We start strong, if you like a gentle warm up you may want to warm yourself up for 5 minutes before hitting play 😉.

Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced. Modifications given. Remember if you are using lighter weights this will also be a modification for a lesser difficulty. Try and build up to these challenges till you can do the whole flow. 👍🏼

Goals : 

40 min power Pilates, full body workout in under an hour!

Build more lean muscle mass, sculpt lean definition, develop more controlled power and endurance, increase fat burn and cardio strength.

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