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Looking to improve your posture, why not posture retraining? Yes, let’s reset and retrain our posture. All you need is 5 days. Each day we will address a different aspect of our posture, from upper body, to mid-back, to hips and low back. These postural exercises for a healthier spine are transformative when done regularly.

During these 5 days you will learn simple take-away exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you are driving, sitting at home or the office, standing in the kitchen or at work, you will be able to use these little postural exercises which deliver big benefits to slowly and markably improve your posture, alleviate stress, release tensions, and set you back up into your best alignment! 👍🏼

You’ve asked: “Can you do a class to help with posture?” “What can I do for my kyphosis?” “What exercises can help my lordosis?” “What about my hip rolling forward?” These classes respond to all these questions and more. 😉

I chose to do these postural exercises on different apparatuses so everyone can participate and also we can explore what we can work on with each different apparatus. These exercises I hope you will also be able to incorporate into your practice on the Mat, Reformer or Chair.

This is geared for ALL LEVELS. Our movements are slow and mindful. These sessions are not so much workouts as they are a time to explore our own alignment and bodies, breathe, stretch and re-assess.

A variety of props and apparatuses will be used, so keep an eye out for each video’s unique description!

Each class is unique within this program, so if you do not have one of the apparatuses, don’t worry you’ll get all the posture retraining you need with what you do have.

I would love to know how you enjoyed this program afterwards, please drop a comment below or under each video after class.

Enjoy and thanks for moving with me! – Kristi

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