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________________ 5 Effective Exercises for Cyclists ________________

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Stay Strong and Injury Free to Do What We Love!


🚴‍♀️Are you a cyclist? Do you like to spin? Do you have a Peloton at home?! Amazing!

Here are 5 effective exercises for cyclists on the mat. You can do these from anywhere at anytime.

Make sure you are training out of the saddle to build and support your strength & balance!


❓What do you find needs the most support so you perform better in the saddle and feel more balanced all around, in and out of that saddle? Tell me! ⬇️


➡️ Don’t cycle? What about running?

Who runs or jogs for their cardio exercise? How often do you head out? ⬇️


Tell us what your favorite off-road training looks like! ⬇️