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________________ 5 Effective Exercises for Runners ________________

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Support your Sport On and Off Road


Are you a runner? Even if you just go on the occasional jog.


Here are 5 effective exercises for runners on the mat, you can do from anywhere at anytime, to build and support your strength & balance off-terrain.


Prefer the Reformer? Check out this Reformer workout made just for YOU!


How often do you run?


Do you performance run, like for 5k, 10k, half and full marathons?


Tell me how you got into running. I’d love to hear your story! ⬇️


I started running in my 20’s as a sort of way to escape, unload, decompress and also hit cardio HARD. I loved it, I’ve always loved the open road! Though I no longer run, due to plentiful injuries, and to save my joints for longevity, I remember the love of long runs (9-16 miles) out on the open road or trails in the mountains❣️