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5 Minute Barre Flow

Instructor: Hilal Leigh
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed : 1 barre OR countertop, OR wall OR back of a chair and 1 medium size Stability Ball.

Focus : A rapid barre flow targeting the connection between your ADductors and your deep CORE stabilizing muscles. You can press replay, tack this on to another workout, or just learn it and do it whenever you want in your own workouts or teaching sequences!??

Class Level : For EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class : Standing footwork followed by a stretch. You’ll use the stability ball the entire time. Hilal is passionate about including stretches in all her routines, so enjoy!

Goals : Work your feet and ankle strength, your standing balance and most importantly understand and FEEL the connection between your inner thighs and your abs in this barre flow! Learn a simple sequence that you can do on your own whenever you like!

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