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Start here to get fit fast with our Fit ball Fit in ONLY 6 DAYS! In a workout rut and tired of your regular routine? Or, are you lacking a regular routine and motivation to choose a workout and get moving? Want to get fit fast and feel the difference in your body quickly? Look no more, start this 6 day program and see the difference at the end.

Each day you’ll work a different aspect of your strength. First, start with balance, next core, then lower body, upper body, full body; and finally putting your new gained strength on the fit ball to the test on day 6! You’ll get stronger, tone and firm, and build your skills right from home. This is total body toning. In addition to building greater core and full body strength, you’ll also become more agile, balanced, and increase your stamina.

The fitball is a challenging prop albeit an awesome tool for picking up our fitness to that next level. This is why we are calling this program “fit ball fit”, the fit ball demands a deep core strength and much balance. Each day we will build on the skills and strength we acquired from the day before. We will use targeted exercises which allow us to improve the precision of our movement and form. The more we practice the better we get and the more endurance we have !

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