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Abigail Larsen

Balanced Body® Instructor

BASI® Master in training

Booty Barre® Instructor

MELT® Hands & Feet Instructor

Bodhi Suspension Trainer

Core Power Yoga Instructor


Trained in.. Buff Bones®, Traditional Thai massage, & Muscle Activations, PN Sports Nutrition

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______ What Inspires You ______

I feel inspired when I play music, travel, create healthy meals with fresh local ingredients, adventure in the outdoors and experience the arts. I’ve been playing the violin since I was about 5 years old and began traveling internationally and learning about other cultures at a very young age. It always inspired me to go to the local markets in these places and pick fresh ingredients to cook or eat. I also feel deeply inspired by all types of dance and art and long for any opportunity to see a new opera, ballet, the symphony, museums or a new art exhibit.

______ Outside of Pilates ______

Beyond Pilates I play a lot of music, go on hikes, explore new places, swim laps, go to farmers markets, find new healthy food stores, make fun meals, spend time with friends and find opportunities to attend shows or visit museums. 


A dynamic and intuitive teacher, Abigail believes the key to full body transformation is by way of safe and effective movement, proper alignment, proper nutrition and overall holistic awareness.


Abbey is trained both in classical and non-classical methods and her passion and approach to movement has grown through the years of teaching and training globally. She’s had the unique opportunity to learn closely with many mentors in each discipline to whom she credits her professional development, education and passion. In addition to her Pilates specific training, she is also also certified in Yoga, Thai Yoga, Suspension Body-weight training, Barre and hands-off bodywork®.


Abbey has a warm, sincere approach in each mind-body discipline in which she creates an environment of awareness and understanding. Known to create a dynamic and empowering experience for her clients, she works intuitively with each individual to meet their specific needs.


For the last 6 years Abigail worked both as a resident specialist Pilates Instructor in seven different global AMAN spa locations. She has most recently returned to California from Sveti Stefan in Montenegro where she was the Spa Manager. She continues to follow her life’s purpose and passion of teaching and encouraging wellness both in and out of the studio.

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