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Abs + Arms + Cardio Bounce & Sprint, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus : 

This live replay trampoline class gives you 10 minutes core + 10 minutes arms and upper body + 30 minutes lymphatic cleansing jumps along with cardio sprint jumps all wrapped up into one full body workout. You’ll tone and burn all at once.

Equipment Needed : 

Trampoline and light hand weights, you can also use just body weight or small water bottles to hold if you prefer.

The Course of this Class :

Just as said above we start with abs, then move to arms, and then onto our bounce session. You’ll have vertical easy breezy coordinated jumps working balance and flow, and you’ll have hip hinged jumps working speed and burning calories. Class is a steady pace. Enjoy and drop us a note below to let us know how you did at the end of class! Don’t forget to check your workout complete so you can see it in your completed workout list. ✔️

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Increase overall full body strength, while giving specific attention to toning arms and abs. Lymphatic drainage and cellular cleansing. Cardio exercise and calorie burning. Have fun while working out! Improve posture and circulation. Weight management.

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