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Abs + Booty Stability Ball Strong Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Focus : 

Abs + booty, that’s our focus today. Lots of core, lots of hamstrings and glutes. This abs + booty stability ball strong workout will challenge, build and improve your strength in these areas but also in your whole body. By adding the booty band we bring resistance training into it and this push back helps us strengthen even more against that instability of the fit ball. The combo of band and ball is really fun and actually helps us improve our form and practice as well. A “shorter” workout for those days you don’t have an hour for your training time.

*Equipment Needed : 

Fit ball, Mat, and a booty band or a resistance band tied. (NOTE: I’m using a medium resistance today and Cassie is using a light resistance. Choose according to your level and don’t sacrifice form just to use a heavier weight band! 👍🏼)

The Course of this Class :

We start right away with crunches on top of the ball getting that fabulous feedback into our low backs and using the booty band to fire up our obliques. From there we move on to glutes, glutes and more glutes, and then back to core. You’ll get different visuals of exercise variations today with both of us demonstrating different options for some of the core exercises making this accessible to many. Class continues like this while increasing the level of difficulty with each chosen exercise becoming more and more full body integration. We will finish with planks, pikes and a balance challenge at the end. Ultimately we’ll get a full body workout today with an accentuated focus on our core, glutes and hamstrings. Try class and then let me know below in comments what it was like for you! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate on up, however, I do encourage an established beginner to challenge yourself and try this class. Sit out anything you need but there’s a lot I’m sure you can do too!

Goals : 

Workout your entire body, all the way around your spine with strength building exercises for a stronger core; stronger glutes and hamstrings; stronger arms and shoulders and a more balanced you. This abs + booty stability ball strong workout is wholesome and balanced to help you move well; improve your fitness; increase your strength; feel well; circulate that blood and support your spine. If you want to improve your comfort on the stability ball, this class will help. The fit ball is fabulous for giving us a bang for our buck! It packs a punch and this workout you’ll leave feeling accomplished and empowered.

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