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Advanced Chair, Full Body, FLOW

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

This very quick session is easy to get in on any busy day. It’s a full body flow that will challenge your core, upper body and lower body. You’ll move your spine in all directions and dance around the chair. This is a strong yet open and fluid class. From extension to flexion and laterals nothing goes missing. Join me and let’s get moving!

This is FLOW! A new style of class which gives you a chance to practice along with me in my own movement time, all the while tuning into your body and your center. I won’t be talking or teaching, you will simply hear the 🌿outdoor sounds along with the machine and sometimes my breath. The exercises will be posted up in the video so keep watching to see what is next. Likewise you’ll have spring suggestions. Remember these are suggestions. Feel free to modify as you need. Learn what best suits your body and go with it. Put all you have learned in our teaching sessions to practice here, and drop us any questions that might arise during class below.

👇Drop us comments below. How did you enjoy class? Did you complete your workout?! Any questions? Encourage other Adventurers also!

Equipment Needed :     

Chair only. No mat needed.

Class Level :     

Intermediate level shown with some exercises more advanced. Try it and if you find something is too difficult, listen to your body and modify as needed, or skip forward.

If you are a brand new beginner, I suggest starting with our Beginner program first and then our Chair workouts to familiarize yourself with certain basics. Then return and join us in this Flow. 👍

The Course of this Class :   

I don’t want to give class away, I like these Flows to be discoveries. Your sneak trailer is: expect planks, pikes, stand ups and side teasers. Ok now press play and I’ll see you in class. Enjoy 🍁 fall in the garden in the background. 🌳

Class pace is moderate and mindful.

Goals :     

Improve both core strength and overall strength. Work stamina. Move spine in every direction. Work core control and centering. Elongate the spine, legs and body. Work glute and hip strength. Flow with strength and control. Practice challenging moves and exercises on the chair.

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