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Perfect for: Improving and increasing lean muscle mass.  Trimming away excess fat.  Improving stamina and endurance via cardiovascular exercise.  Developing and improving power and control in muscles.  Boosting energy levels.

Welcome to 30:30! This ALL-IN-ONE program allows you to… 👊🏼Knock out your strength and cardio training back to back!

☑️ When desiring to shed excess fat and calories, following your strength training up immediately with your cardio is the way to go. After exhausting your readily available fuel for your strength portion, we’ll be able to tap into that stored energy in the body for the fuel needed for your cardio session.

🤙🏼Flexibility: While this program is created for the above goal, it is also extremely versatile to tailor to your needs…

Option 1️⃣: Take your 2-30:30 class pairs together for 2-1 hour sessions per week as intended during 8 weeks.

Option 2️⃣: Take each 30 minute session separately for 4-30 minute sessions per week during 8 weeks. 

Option 3️⃣: If you would rather just 1-30:30 per week amongst your other type workouts, then make this a 16 week program.

Use this program as best suits your goals. ☑️

Start the WORKOUT VIDEOS, or jump to WHAT TO PLAN FOR, find all the deets below…👇🏼

Workouts are ordered from first to last, top to bottom.


Plan for 2-4 workouts per week!

Whether you choose to follow cardio with strength as designed in one session or break them into four separate sessions, up to you and your timing. Don’t fret too much about it, make these work within your lifestyle and schedule. Just show up for you, put the work in as and when you can and you will get the benefit out!

What are the workouts like?

Power Reformer is your strength session first and will include weights in and through your entire session, adding weight to resistance. These classes will range from baseline Pilates, classic, to athletic and contemporary classes challenging balance, proprioception and more.

Jump Reformer is your cardio session and will use varying props along with the jump board and try to keep us jumping for most of the 30 minutes pushing stamina and endurance.  

What equipment is needed?

This program requires a Reformer, jump board, Reformer sitting box and hand weights at the least. Having a lighter pair and a heavier pair is ideal. Additional props are used from time to time which include the soft ball, booty band, ankle weights and more. Links will always be given below each video with equipment used where you can grab some for yourself in case you don’t have that small prop. 

What level must I be?

Any level is welcome. Most classes are taught at an intermediate level but ideas for modification are often given. Do know your body and when you need to adjust for you.

Make it a party, commit with a workout partner!

👯‍♀️ Invite your friends to commit to this program with you. Whether in person, or on Facetime or Zoom, workout together and get it checked off and done! 

Then share with each other in comments below to stay motivated!👇🏼

Toning and trimming will be most noticeably felt and seen if you are able to also devote care towards the following pillars:

1. 💧WATER consumption

  • Drink excess water. Water flushes out excess toxins, including fat, which are being unloaded into the blood stream when exercising. Move that on and out of your body. Don’t just sweat it to shred it, DRINK up to shed it!


  • Eat lots of water full fresh fruits and veggies. Choose organic, grass fed proteins, and whole, full fat food every time you can. Protein builds your muscles, fat fuels your brain and healthy hormone function. Stay away as best you can from sodium packed, sugar added, packaged foods and drinks.

3. 😴 SLEEP

  • Rest! We can’t say it enough. Your body only cleans house at night, so give it time to effectively do so and you’ll see and feel the difference. 

We’re excited to have you join us! If you are returning for your 2nd time, you will be charged today. There is no 2nd free trial. Thank you for your understanding.