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Fabulously Functional Flamingo

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate++

*Equipment Needed :     Pilates Chair.

Focus :    An All-in-one complete and functional workout challenge. The chair is a strong piece of equipment and challenges us in stability, balance, strength and coordination. Check out all that’s coming in this sequence under the Course of this Class written here below !

Class Level :     Intermediate – Advanced.

The Course of this Class :      Besides moving your spine in every direction, burning and firming your ABS, what’s the best part? We work from feet up in the standing plane and that means we work our legs and glutes. No more weak hips and flabby butts. Better, balanced (no slouching or slumping) standing posture, a stronger gate for walking, hiking, running, and if you don’t think you need all that?! No more back pain!

Goals :       A strong hip complex from ground and feet up, combined with a strong core is the remedy to achy backs, not to mention injury and fall prevention! Did I mention, staying young?! So step up, stand up, balance on one leg; push up, plank up, pull up; rotate, articulate, roll back and swan up with me for this all-in-one around the chair in 60 minutes.

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