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Move those Arms, Abs, Booty & Barre! with Vicky, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Mat, a household chair, and hand weights.

Arms, abs, booty & barre… Do you think of Barre as just a million pliés? Think again! Get ready for this high energy, arm busting, ab cooking, booty pumping fun barre workout!

Join Vicky for a fun, lively class direct from Pilates Academy Dubai. Get ready to work your entire body and leave with lots of renewed energy!

The Booty Barre at home routine is a fun, energetic workout that fuses traditional Barre exercises with Dance, Pilates and Yoga to tone, define and chisel your entire body.

Focus :  Define and chisel your entire body with exercises from traditional Barre to Dance, Pilates and Yoga. Total body workout.

Class Level :  ALL levels!

Goals :  Have fun while moving well and in every plane, standing, sitting, lying. Increase strength in each of these planes, and tone your whole body.

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