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Arms & Abs Fitball Fierce Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :  In this arms & abs fitball workout we focus largely on just that. You’ll definitely sculpt and tone those glutes and hamstrings as well as your arms and abs. A fabulous stand-alone workout, but also simply stackable with a cardio workout, or an upper or lower body workout.

*Equipment Needed :  Fitball and box. Mat is not needed, but throw one down if you prefer. 😉

The Course of this Class : This is a fun and different workout using the box the entire time along with the fitball. We’ll have some fun and challenging side work and front plank work. Get ready to challenge your midline and your balance in addition to toning and shaping your core and your arms. Didn’t have enough when you finish? Press replay and I challenge you to do it again, OR… pick another workout below! Ready? Go!

Class Level :  Intermediate on up.

Goals :  Challenge your core connection, balance, flexibility and strength. Build leaner muscle tone and definition in arms and abs. Increase power. Circulate your blood and boost your mood with movement.

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