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Day 1: Arms Strength Training, Trim & Tone Upper Body!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Today we are working those arms in strength training, and not just your arms, your entire upper body. Now I know this is much more popular with the guys than the girls, but you’re not going to look like a body builder, please don’t be alarmed! And more importantly, did you know that:

1. Having balanced musculature is crucial for alleviating undue stresses, strains and pressures in the body, not to mention part of maintaining a healthy spine.

2. Balance creates beauty. When the upper body is strong along with the lower body you’ll get that often sought after ⏳ hourglass shape, instead of looking like a 🔼 triangle or a ⏹ box. 😁 Sorry, who says that? But it’s true right! It all works together.

So, whether you’re an upper body fan or not, today is an integral part of reshaping, toning, and trimming to see that muscle definition. Oh and the by-product, burning off excess fat. If one of your goals is wanting to see your muscle tone more, this program is geared towards that. So Welcome to our first day of our Strength Training program for fat loss and lean muscle gain. This workout is all about increasing your arm strength by training our shoulders, lats, delts, triceps, biceps, pecs and obliques. Think long lean silhouette, that’s what we are working on! Get excited to see change and feel stronger!

Equipment Needed :     

Mat and 1 heavier set of dumbbells/hand weights, and a resistance band of medium to heavy strength.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Listen to your body, if you are new to lifting weights, never go too hard too fast, start with a much lighter set, modify where you need to and if you give your body the stepping stones it needs you WILL see progression!

For those of you more advanced: grab heavier dumbbells, add a few more reps in but do NOT add speed, you might even want to do this video 2x over, and I promise you too will find your challenge!

The Course of this Class :   

For those of you who have been doing Pilates classes with me for a while, this class is so different, at least it was for me. It’s very segmented in the way that it really is targeted to upper body and with the addition of the weights a bit more of a classic weight training routine. That said, these days will begin to stack, so at first it might feel like not much of a workout, but the program itself is built for one day to build upon the next. This being just the start, you’ll probably be rearing to go for a 2x and maybe 3x round. And I say, GO FOR IT while also pacing yourself!

If you aren’t following the program, this is a great video to couple with another workout as it’s short enough to combine.

Make sure to pay attention to form throughout this arms strength training, and go slow. Never add speed to weight lifting, slow and controlled movements are what sculpt, tone and rebuild that muscle to what you want it to be and look like.

You may feel that because our workout is so quick you could do more, pace yourself as the days will begin to stack. But if you want to do more check out the workouts suggested here below, or I challenge you to do a second turn of today’s workout if you have more time!

Goals :     

Get stronger. Build leaner muscle tone. Balance out musculature in body. Strength train arms, shoulders, upper back and obliques. Improve posture, did you know that strengthening the upper body and back is huge for improving your posture?! Burn excess fat. Increase muscle tone and definition. Move every day even on the busy days! Improve alignment & form. Alternate focus each day for a full body workout at the end of the week.

Next up : 

Lower body day.

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