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Swinging into Athletic “Reformer Every Day” WEDNESDAY

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer, the long box, the balance cushion (if you don’t have one yet, click on the link to buy one! They are great to have around.) and a resistance band (make sure it’s longer than you are tall 👍🏼).

Focus :    Athletic Reformer, meaning… proprioception, balance, coordination, rotation, and weight transfer. Welcome to Day 3 of our REFORMER EVERY DAY challenge, or Reformer “1 a day” Monday through Friday weekly schedule. Today is full body, a lot of mind-body connectivity, balance challenges, coordination, unilateral work. If you’re an athlete you should enjoy this class, but even if you aren’t, try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun with it! If you play tennis or golf, you may especially enjoy today 😉.

Class Level :     Intermediate level taught, but I encourage ALL levels to try this class and this weekly schedule. Remember that you can adapt or modify anything by making it either more or less intense. Suggestions are made throughout by how you can do that! These workouts are made with the ability to adapt them to your needs.

The Course of this Class :    After possibly the longest introduction ever (🙊) we start with some challenging single leg standing work right off the bat! Afterwards, get ready for planks in all forms, standing splits and swings, and back line (posterior chain) strengthening. You may surprise yourself with what you can do in this athletic reformer class!

Goals :     Build in more power. Improve coordination & proprioception, thereby improving balance. Become more limber & agile. Improve reactivity for sports play. Make deeper connections to supporting muscles. Prevent injury. Better posture. Move every day on the Reformer. Alternate focus to get a full body workout throughout the entire week. Train smart. Get stronger. Improve fitness level. Increase mind-body awareness and connectivity. Always improve muscle tone, balance & coordination. Oh and… have some fun 👍🏼!

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