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Athletic Reformer Pumped, Episode 2: Lower Body Power

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

This Athletic Reformer workout focuses on using hand weights throughout all class to build muscle and define that muscle tone, improve power and strength, and increase fat burn. You will work proprioception, balance, coordination, form and muscle initiation and engagement. Largely focused on the lower body, the arms will often be carrying the weights, therefore this is also truly a full body workout. And just to be sure, yes, you’ll work your core, of course! A great class on its own, or before a cardio workout, run, rebounder workout, or else.

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer, the box, and 2 hand weights. (NOTE: We used 10 lbs. weights, I do suggest going heavier today if you can, it will increase the difficulty and better the results if you are ready for it. If not, just go lighter and build up your strength. Remember, never sacrifice form for function!)

The Course of this Class :

START WITH FOOTWORK AND LOAD UP AT LEAST 3 HEAVY SPRINGS! (I think I forgot to mention the spring load, oops!) Get ready for lots of posterior chain, glute and hamstring exercises, combined with power under control! 👊🏼 Move into core exercises and then plenty of standing lunges and single leg dead lifts to challenge your whole system. We move at a very steady, easy pace, but each exercise focus in on form and function. Please make sure to set your alignment right before moving through each exercise. This ensures that you get the results you are wanting, and prevents any unnecessary injuries. Mindful movement and connections to be made today while having fun being challenged and building more strength in this athletic reformer workout.

Let me know below in comments how you liked class! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced.

Goals : 

Build power, strength, control. Define and build lean muscle tone specifically around arms, shoulders, glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and thighs. Burn fat. Improve balance, proprioception and coordination. Better form and function. Have fun. Total body integration in all we do even if the focus is lower body.

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