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Barre, Balance and Coordination for Strong Connected Bodies

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :

We focus on balance and coordination in today’s workout as we work both symmetrically and unilaterally in order to challenge the X systems in our body, rotations, weight transfers, low to high and high to low changes for a stronger body all around.

Think of coming to today’s workout WARMED UP IF YOU CAN. If not, don’t worry we’ll roll out the spine at the beginning. But as today starts right into some strong work, it’d be great even to do your stomach 5 series in 5 minutes on the mat just to get your blood pumping.

Today’s session is full body integration, there isn’t one body part favored over another. Think of barre work only with a moving bar, you’ll be integrating your upper body movement as much as your lower body, coordinating everything together. Your asymmetries could really be highlighted in today’s session, giving you something to work on, or shaky balance, or you may find that you can up your challenge by closing your eyes and test your proprioceptive system. Take today to deepen your practice and focus in on the fine movements within each exercise, what muscles are you engaging from?!

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard or Tower and mat, or Cadillac. Both shorter lighter weight spring set; both longer lighter weight spring set; 1 or 2 short heavier weight springs; push through bar and roll down bar; your loops/straps; and lastly, as well as optional, is: a small soft ball and the bosu ball (or you could also substitute with a balance cushion).

Class Level :

All levels. This class is accessible to any fitness level with minor modifications for when you are finding you need to reign it in. Always listen to your body and don’t go for range, go for muscle engagement, mind-body connectivity and small movements which will later bring you into the larger range of motion once you’re ready.

The Course of this Class :

The first two thirds of class is standing facing the tower. We start with barre inspired pliés using the roll down bar. Next, we’ll use the arm springs with loops to further challenge our core as our stability while we begin to mobilize the lower body with the feet on an unstable surface. Afterwards we come down onto the mat for some isolated glute work, one of my favorites using the tower. Then, get ready for some intense plank challenges using the push through bar. And finally, we’ll finish with our parakeet, another one of my favorites using the tower, both to lengthen and strengthen.

This is a great workout to find where there may be imbalances in the body from side to side, where maybe you need to focus some work a little more frequently to improve balance; it’s also a great overall full body workout with some athleticism given the weight transfer exercises, unilateral, balance and coordination required.

Goals :

Challenge and strengthen balance and coordination. Improve proprioception. Deepen one’s own practice by understanding and seeing where imbalances might be and then working on those. Injury prevention. Strengthen arms, shoulders, core, abs, legs, glutes, feet and ankles.

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