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Balanced Body & Booty – Athletic Chair Workout

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Pilates Chair, balance cushion (you can do this workout without one but the balance cushion is the cherry on the top & what makes this workout what it is!) No mat needed.

Focus :  Balanced body & booty means you are going to challenge your balance & primarily your stabilizing muscles from feet and ankles, hips and pelvis to core and shoulders, all the way around your spine. A strong class working all those muscles underneath the superficial ones making us stronger, more adaptable to our environments, more stable and more balanced.

The Course of this Class : Start with seated footwork followed by single-leg standing work. Next, move to the stomach 5 series followed by side-line work. The class ends with single-leg lunges on the chair followed by planking and prone exercises. Expect to be sore the next day! 💪🏼

Class Level :  Intermediate and above.

Goals :  Build stronger stabilizing muscles from feet up, increase hip stabilization, strength and mobilization, improve balance and proprioception. You’ll also improve your joint stability! Improve posture.

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