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Balanced Body Power Pilates – Athletic Reformer

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Pilates Chair, balance cushion (you can do this workout without one but the balance cushion is the cherry on the top & what makes this workout what it is!) No mat needed.

Focus :  In this balanced body power pilates session, balanced for the balance cushion we’ll be using all class, power for the dynamic strength we’ll be building and training in! This is a faster paced, advanced workout incorporating proprioceptive work, balance work, weight-transfer, power pilates and upper body strengthening.

This session is from our Athletic Reformer LIVE series on Saturdays.

The Course of this Class : We start with spinal mobilization and stretching and then we pick it up! Next moving into single-leg standing work and some VERY dynamic hip-work. Get ready for flying lunges, moving planks, step-ups and all sorts of lunges all with that balance cushion to UP the challenge of toning those muscles.

Class Level :  Intermediate and Advanced.

Goals :  Improve overall strength and power. Increase proprioception and challenge balance while flowing efficiently through the movements. Build & sculpt lean muscle tone.

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