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Speedy & Fearless Bare Barre Cardio

Instructor: Hilal Leigh
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :     NO equipement, just bring you!

Focus :    Bare Barre barreless. That’s right, ballet inspired barre today without that barre. A full body targeted shot of cardio in the quickest time possible. You could think of this as your green shot for the day!?You’ll work your legs, your glutes, your core and cardio. As it is very short, the idea is to use it either on its own, tacked onto any other workout you’ve chosen, or repeat it 3-4x for a longer cardio burn.

Class Level :    Beginner++ on up. I encourage anyone to try this class. It is important to have a mind-body awareness to know how to set your posture as you go through these quick moves, but if you are brand new to movement, join and learn as we go!

The Course of this Class :     This is BARRE-LESS BARRE. So we are standing the whole time on the floor moving from squats and pliés to relevé on our toes. We will work our balance, our proprioception, our mind-body awareness, our glutes, our legs, our core, and cardio. We move quickly to tempo and before you know it we will have finished, press the back button and start all over again, you’re gonna want to because it’s too much fun, and effective!

Goals :    Get our heart’s pumping, wake up our mind-body connection, our musculature, and get some cardio going! Move in the standing plane from feet up, working out balance and standing posture.

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