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Barre Stretches

Instructor: Hilal Leigh
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Barre or the back of a household chair.

Focus :    Barre stretches FOR MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY! Stretch your side body, your inner thighs, your hamstrings and your glutes after any Barre workout. Or, come to this at any time for stretches that will benefit anyone to gain more mobility and flexibility in the body after a long day.

Class Level :    For EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class :     Hilal leads us through some great barre stretches and also thoroughly explains your optimal posture in these stretches. Stretching does take dedicated time, but as Hilal explains, over time with repetition we will gain more flexibility.

Goals :    Achieving more flexibility and mobility through the body. Relieving any strain from contracted or stiff muscles. Making stretching more available in small short spurts.

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