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Barreless Booty with Becca & baby

Instructor: Becca Norman
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :      A wall and a Mat.

Focus :    Becca, 38 weeks pregnant, leads us through a strong and safe workout where we work that booty, those hips and legs, while we lengthen our muscles at the same time we will strengthen them. A great workout for any stage of pregnancy, post-natal, or not pregnant at all. Lengthen through your spine, legs, back and side body while strengthening your balance, back, obliques, and hips. You’re going to love this mostly standing, barre inspired class!

Class Level :     Pre and Post-Natal. Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     We’ll start with some nice spine stretches and then move it on up to standing and swinging our legs. Some great barreless booty work for the booty, hips, balance, and legs. Move over to a countertop or a wall for what’s up next and then we’ll come down onto the mat for some good side body oblique strengthening and lengthening. You’ll feel longer but also a good deal stronger after this workout.

Goals :      Work that booty, hips and legs. Lengthen and strengthen our muscles while working upright posture and balance. Create more energy throughout our whole bodies.

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