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Beginner Pilates Reformer, Part 1

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer and Reformer box. A small soft ball if you have one, not a big deal if you don’t (you can substitute with a hand towel).

Focus : 

This beginner Pilates Reformer session focuses on the ABC’s and foundations of Pilates. From breath, to alignment, to the beginning classical exercises on the Reformer we will be working through methodically so that you can: feel comfortable; be confident; know more about this method; these exercises and even this machine; and build a solid foundation for the rest of your practice! A great class for ALL who are brand new to Pilates, or brand new to the Reformer, or for those who want to come back to the basics and rework their foundation.

The Course of this Class :

Our class today is much different from our other classes, we’ll be moving slowly and methodically. We will cover the basic beginning exercises of the classical repertoire. Starting with footwork, hands in straps, feet in straps, the serve a tray series, rowing back, kneeling reverse abdominals, pulling straps, and a bit of the short box series. Our focus is as much the set up and breath through each exercise as the exercise itself. Though this beginner Pilates Reformer class today is quite long, remember you can always stop and start as you need. These exercises are simple but the foundation to ALL we do, including all the fun and crazy contemporary, creative variations. It is key to learn these first and then build upon them in your own practice.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class and certainly, let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to have covered in this beginner series! Requests being taken! 👇🏼

Class Level : 


Goals : 

Learn the Pilates basics, breath, alignment.. Familiarize yourself with the machine.. Get to know the exercises in their classical form. Build a strong foundation for success in your Pilates practice. Develop and build new strength from deep within your core. Learn how to engage your core and from where.

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