Perfect for: Beginners and anyone wanting to revisit the basics.

These beginner Pilates videos provide a program which introduces you to the classical Pilates mat and Reformer exercises via the form of a workout. Although we have our How To Tutorial videos which walk you through each individual exercise, this program will move you through a class flow. Here you will also get the chance to learn some contemporary variations in addition to classical exercises.

So whether you are brand new to Pilates, brand new to the Reformer, or simply wanting to come back to the basics, these beginner Pilates videos are FOR YOU! And if you would like to review the foundations of movement from a breath and alignment perspective then we encourage you to check out our How To: Pilates Foundations videos.

You will find sessions on both the Reformer and the Mat as this series is meant to cover it all. I’ll be moving an actual beginner through these exercises so it’s much truer to what you will experience than I myself moving through them. 😉 

What to plan for, find all the nitty gritty details below…👇🏼

Workouts are ordered from first to last, top to bottom.

How many days should I plan for per week?

We recommend starting with 2 days/week.

If you program this through our automated system into your calendar you will be asked to select 2 days/week. However, if you only want to do the Mat classes then we recommend selecting those classes individually and putting them into your calendar one by one. Likewise if you only would like to do the Reformer classes. And lastly, if you wish to go through this program quicker, you are more than welcome to hand program them into your calendar when you want if you want to do 3 or 4 or more per week. Entirely up to you and flexible for you, so keep this in mind.

What equipment do I need?

You only need a Mat to start.

There are classes on the Reformer as well if you have it. We suggest taking all the classes for which you have the equipment. For the Mat classes small props are sometimes used, but household alternatives as substitutions are always suggested to make the workout as easy and accessible to all as possible. 

What are the workouts like?

We start each class from a Classical Pilates base, following a general order of exercises that slowly advance in difficulty. This will give you the chance to get to know these exercises if you do not yet know them, and to practice them in a sequencial order building strength upon strength.

What if I need more beginner workouts after this program?

This program is meant to be a starting block and simultaneously be a foundation you can continually return to and repeat over and over as often as you like. This will also provide you a base of strength for all other beginner or “all level” workouts here on Gone Adventuring.

What you can expect to achieve through this beginner Pilates program and what I hope you experience…


You will feel empowered in your own practice; and know how to place, align and carry yourself not only in an exercise but throughout your day in your daily activities. My hope is that Pilates becomes an integral part of your life. You will find new found core strength and better posture that eases your efforts and multiplies your efficiency in all else you do, just as it is meant to do.

A variety of props will be used, so keep an eye out for each video’s unique description!

Remember that each class can entirely be taken as a stand alone class as well. The series will build upon itself, but there will be natural repetitions as well.

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Drop us a comment below or under each video after class and let us know how you are feeling and enjoying these classes.

Enjoy and thanks for moving with us! – Kristi & Cassie


 Once you’ve finished your 30 days, or if you can’t wait 😉, here is a visual celebratory recap of all you have done!🥳💪🥂

We’re excited to have you join us! If you are returning for your 2nd time, you will be charged today. There is no 2nd free trial. Thank you for your understanding.