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Balancing Out One Side at a Time

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner

progressed beginner reformer… *Equipment Needed :     Reformer.

Focus :    An entire unilateral sequence start to finish focused on balancing our imbalances. A great progressed beginner reformer. Also, a beautiful session developing more control, precision and centering.

Class Level :     Confirmed Beginner.

The Course of this Class :     We’ll proceed with a gentle pace and will be working asymmetrically the entire time. For instance, from single leg work to single arm work, this is dynamic movement. Most importantly this actually gives the body a chance to catch up in certain areas where it may be lagging behind. 

Goals :    Today’s class, in addition to improving symmetry in the body, it will also improve our mind body connection and challenge our concentration.

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