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Day 22: Best Power HIIT workout for Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Gain

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

A best HIIT workout for fat loss today particularly in that lower body region as our exercises today are largely glutes and leg focused along with some core strengthening work. Alternating between slow and controlled sculpting and toning using heavier weights to higher intensity intervals with just body weight we focus on legs, thighs, glutes, core and some arms too. Today’s intervals last a bit longer so you will have the option to do only 2 rounds or if you have more time in your day you can stay with me to complete the 3rd round which is optional. Know that if you can only do the first 2, you aren’t missing out on getting those results, you’ve put your time in, so rest assured. Enjoy today’s background at the beach as well for extra motivation and energy.

This class is for everyone following our 30 day program. If you prefer to follow a HIIT workout on the Reformer please check the links written below in this description. But I really hope you will join us for today as today has been specially created for our program targeting fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, and your heavier set of weights and that’s it today!

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Remember to adapt to you and your needs, listen to your body. And above all, push yourself out of your comfort zone, get your heart rate up, work hard, and it’ll pay off! Today is your day!

The Course of this Class :   

You have 2-3 rounds (depending on your timeline) with 9 exercises. That sounds easy, haha, get ready for LOTS of side lying leg kicks and quadruped leg kicks, hidden within are multiple exercises. We’re on the timer today which you’ll have at the upper right hand corner of your screen. Prepare for planks, Rdls, single leg Rdls, curtsy lunges and standing stars, lateral lunges, crunches and more. Though it is lower body heavy you’ll be using your full body in all you do. Focus today on balance and form to get the most out of each exercise.

If you are new to lifting weights please use either lighter weights, or simply body weight only. It is important to be able to perform each exercise with the best postural alignment first before adding in weights. You won’t be loosing out, these exercises are plenty challenging without the addition of the weights. We are using them for the added fat burn and building in lean muscle. This is a best hiit workout for fat loss as well as lower body sculpting to come back to at any time and do as a stand alone as well.

Go hydrate and stay hydrated till tomorrow’s class.

See you tomorrow. How was class? Did you do 2 or 3 rounds? Drop me a comment below 👇🏼

Goals :     

High intensity and low impact exercises to sculpt and tone glutes, legs, core and arms. HIIT to increase stamina and transform fitness level. Improve power from the lower half. Alternate daily workouts for a full body transformation at the end of 30 days. Boost metabolism. Burn fat. Build lean muscle. See and feel actual progressions. Achieve your goals. Have fun!

Next up : 

Lower body.

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