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Body Weight Training and Planks, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed : Mat and a household chair.

This is a replay of our Total Body Lean LIVE workouts on Tuesdays. Today we are using a household chair along with the mat to shake things up a bit! Class today is classically Pilates, using body weight training to shape and sculpt a leaner, stronger & more flexible us 🥳.

Focus :  Full body flow incorporating body weight training to challenge both upper body and core strength, as well as standing balance and alignment.

The Course of this Class : Spinal Mobilization exercises lead into waking up the posterior chain. Next, standing balance work leads into body weight strengthening exercises and core-focused abdominal work. We’ll start with hands above feet for “easier” planks and we’ll finish with hands below feet for “advanced” plank challenges. Get ready for some inversions at the end!

Class Level :  ALL levels. Modifications given, adjust for your needs.

Goals :  Improve lean muscle tone, cinch in the waistline, and increase shoulder girdle and core definition. Increase overall breath and circulation.

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