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Momma’s Booty & Balance Prenatal Reformer at 19 weeks

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Prenatal Friendly
Focus :  

Today’s booty & balance prenatal reformer focuses on just that: standing balance, glutes, booty, hips, legs and all lower body. You’ll work both symmetrically and asymmetrically. Hamstrings, glutes, calves, feet, ankles, quads, lateral slings (adductors and abductors). This session will help support hip health, lumbar spine aches, and balance out the body. There are no concentric ab exercises in our sessions from here on out.

📝 Our mom is still comfortable to be on her back for footwork as well as to lift her hips in bridge without any modification. If you are no longer comfortable with this we suggest simply propping your upper body up on elbows, a soft ball or foam roller behind you, or with a wedge. For the bridge avoid it if you prefer, otherwise you can lie your head and upper back onto the carriage with your feet on the floor and lower and lift your hips this way without having your hips higher than your head level.

💟 If you are a teacher, this is a great session you can take everyone through in a group class and not have to worry too much about extra modifications.

  • ❇️ Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. 
  • ➡️ IF you have any particular restrictions or concerns in regards to certain movements please reach out to us directly via contact@goneadventuring.com or drop a comment below and we will do our best to help you in your journey also!
  • ✳️ Before beginning, remember these things:
  • Start small and slow. Breath deeply and intentionally through each movement.
  • Be aware of unstable joints as the prenatal hormone Relaxin is in your system.
  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Make sure to be getting good rest.
  • STOP if you feel ANY pain and, when in doubt, call your OB/GYN.
Equipment Needed :  

Reformer and a wooden dowel, but if you don’t have one you can do the same exercises without the dowel using the single loop or handle.

The Course of this Class :

You’ll start with typical footwork and glute bridges. Then, kneeling chest and glute presses lead into hovered squats with rows. Finally you’ll be doing a balancing series on the floor next to the Reformer working unilaterally the lower body in lunges and standing T’s. These exercises are a great way to support the stretching and changes that are happening in the pelvic region. You’ll finish by evening it all out with your feet in the straps. This booty & balance prenatal class pace is mindful and controlled today.

If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, stop, breath, get a sip of water, reassess, and maybe skip that one. Listen to your body. This journey is unique to each individual and each day is unique as well, give yourself and your body grace.

I will be accompanying our mom Hallie through her 2nd pregnancy in this balance prenatal pilates workout for booty, although we will follow most all general guidelines so these workouts may be followed by anyone, each workout will be tailored to her needs. If you are coming into your pregnancy having been very active and fit, you may prefer some more challenging workouts. For this, please write me directly, address to Kristi at contact@gone-adventuring.com and I will be sure to hand select existing workouts that will respond to your current needs.

Repeat this workout as many times as you like. Make it your own, take it at your pace, up or notch down the difficulty as you see fit.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class and if it has helped you as well as any questions you may have. 👇🏼

Class Level :  

1st – 2nd trimester Prenatal. Beginner – Intermediate. 

Goals :  

Strengthen and support the pelvic-hip-lumbar conjunction with all the stretching and changes happening. Exercise and improve overall balance for greater grace and ease in movement. Alleviate any undue strains happening in the low back region. Always work breath and circulation. Support and strengthen mom to feel strong and be ready for baby.

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