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Booyah Booty & Balance “Reformer Every Day” THURSDAY

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer, the long box, and a booty band.

Focus :    Booty & balance, meaning lots of glute max, hip extension, glute min and med, hip rotators, and plenty of single leg standing. Welcome to Day 4 of our REFORMER EVERY DAY challenge, or Reformer “1 a day” Monday through Friday weekly schedule. NOTE: If you need to stretch and open your hip flexors, today is going to feel amazing for you! If you have a hard time “feeling” your glutes, today should help you “find” & engage them! 😉

Class Level :     ALL levels. If you find some exercises or variations too difficult, or too easy, adapt for your needs. This is YOUR time & your workout!

The Course of this Class :    Remember the 80’s step class?! 😄Well guess what? We are starting with step ups! Then we’ll move all around from classical bridging work to standing splits and lunges, skaters, scooters and the like. We’ll use lots of tactile feedback in class today to really isolate those glutes and get them firing correctly.

Goals :     Stronger, more connected glutes. We want to make sure the glutes are firing when they should. Often they are turned off due to being sat upon so often. Today we focus heavily on hip extension and tactile feedback to “remote” in that very powerful group of muscles which when properly firing and strong contribute to less back pain! Strong, round booty + less back pain = Win-win! 👍🏼

In addition, there’s booty & balance: through all our exercises we’ll work balance, symmetry, and proprioception. All our work will help to relieve tight hips, prevent injury, create better posture, and more power & efficiency in all our movements.

Move every day on the Reformer. Alternate focus to get a full body workout throughout the entire week. Train smart. Get stronger. Improve fitness level. Increase mind-body awareness and connectivity. Always improve muscle tone, balance & coordination. Oh and… have some fun 👍🏼!

Next up :  Cardio Crush It “Reformer Every Day” FRIDAY

Last up :  Arms & Abs Strong “Reformer Every Day” MONDAY, Leg Day: Long & Lean “Reformer Every Day” TUESDAY, Swinging into Athletic” Reformer Every Day” WEDNESDAY

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