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Day 10: Booty Building Exercises for a Lean & Sculpted Lower Body

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels
Focus :   

Booty booty booty building exercises and leaning, toning and sculpting leg and thigh exercises for a stronger lower body. This workout is all about shaping, toning and sculpting. We add the weights and the booty band in addition to the Reformer springs for extra toning and deep strength. This will all help build leaner muscle mass and burn fat.

If you do not have weights or are new to weight training, then follow today’s workout without the addition of the weights. Once you are confident in your practice you can add the weights. They are not necessary, but if you are looking for more muscle tone and noticeable definition weights are significantly helpful for achieving this result.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, 1 heavier set of dumbbells, 1 medium resistance booty band, and the Reformer box. If you do not have a box, you will modify as you can when we are using it.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Modifications and suggestions are given for those exercises that are more difficult than others. Go slow and mindful, listen to your body. If you are more advanced I’ll also tell you what you can do to up the challenge.

The Course of this Class :   

Today starts with a fun and different way of doing footwork, somewhat a cross between Barre inspired and Chair inspired. We move into some classical quadruped work with donkey kicks and fire hydrant kicks. Next, climb up on the box for a more intense and deep hip and glute toning and sculpting series. Onward to suspended glute bridges at the back of the Reformer. Finally, we’ll finish with our feet in the straps for the wonderful long spine and high frogs.

Up for more? I challenge you to repeat today, otherwise check out my suggestions written here below of other lower body Reformer workouts! Pace yourself as your days will stack and you don’t need to do more. Comment below how you are feeling! 👇🏼

Goals :     

Stronger, leaner legs. Booty building exercises for reshaping and lifting. Trim thighs and legs. Burn fat. Increase strength. Healthy hips. Healthy lower back with stronger glutes. Better alignment and posture. Mind body connection. Deeper muscle tone. Alternating daily focus for a full body workout at the week’s end. Achieve actual progressions in your fitness. Reach your goals whether to burn fat, improve strength, or better posture. Have fun 😉!

Next up : 

HIIT workout.

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