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Booty Shaping & Beach Ready Workout over crystal waters in Formentera, Spain

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  No equipment! You don’t even need a mat.

Focus :  Booty shaping & beach ready, standing only, workout challenging: balance, proprioception, feet, ankles, quads, glutes, pelvic floor, the entire hip complex and our core. We’ll also work the strength of our upright spine and hit some spinal rotation. This work is crucial for healthy gate, a healthy back and balanced strength throughout the body.

Class Level :  Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :  We start standing and there you have it, we’ll be standing the entire time. You don’t need a mat, you can do this directly on the floor. In fact, standing on a Mat would increase the balance challenge throughout so you are welcome to use one if you want that increased challenge. Do this workout with bare feet and not in shoes. Shoes actually do a lot of the stabilizing work for us, so we miss out on a lot of the work.

Did you know that 25% of your muscles in your body are below your ankle! What? Yep! They are super tiny but really important! They do all the stabilizing of our entire structure all the way up to the top. So it’s important we work those muscles with shoes off! If you do this from home you can position yourself near a wall or countertop or the back of a chair if this helps through the single leg section. Never be hard on yourself, remember every day is unique, some days our balance is more on and others it’s not as connected. As you work with a hand hold you are still getting the benefit of the work, and little by little you’ll be able to let go.

You’ll see a lot of squats today. Yes this is a Fitness workout. I will always use Pilates principles in carriage, alignment, and breath. Squats are incredibly effective for building that glute maximus muscle, and fantastic everytime you stand up from your squat because you are working on full extension of the front of the hip. Something we all need more of due to daily activities which keep us sitting a lot of the time. Your single leg standing work is the most advanced move today and effectively works the entire hip capsule 360°.

Goals :  Develop better balance & proprioception in the standing plane with changing weight shift. Strengthen the glutes and open the hips. Strengthen the spinal erectors (back muscles along the spine). Generally improve connectivity and stability in the body from feet and ankles on up.

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