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Bounce, Barre & Plyometrics Workout, 3 in 1

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Trampoline. No mat needed.

Focus :  In this bounce, barre & plyometrics workout we target 15 minute abs, 10 minute plyometrics lower body while full body integration using balance, stamina and power, and finally 36 minutes full body cardio and toning rebounding.

The Course of this Class : Starting on the trampoline mat, get ready to work the core, obliques, side body and booty for our first 15 minutes. Next, we pick it up for some plyometric low impact jumps; this will raise the heart rate, burn fat and boost the metabolism for 10 minutes. Then, using the trampoline as a barre for 10 minutes, we’ll work the lower body improving balance and strengthening: hips; glutes; quads and hamstrings; hip flexors and hip extensors; calves; ankles and feet. For the last half of class we’ll bounce for 36 minutes with quick step changes; this will keep our heart rate up and cardio going as we increase our blood flow and oxygen to all our tissues. This is a great, full body activation bounce, barre & plyometrics workout which gets it all.

Class Level :  ALL levels.

Goals :  Activate your entire body, build a stronger core and stronger bones! Flush out toxins by opening up the lymphatic system (get rid of cellulite and excess weight!). Increase stamina and endurance. Improve balance and power. Cardio exercise, cellular cleansing and re-aligning posture (all by-products of Cardiolates jumping). Sculpt lean muscle definition and tone. Remove and relieve stress and anxiety levels through oxygenated blood flow and mood boosting rebounding.

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