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Breath & Flow in Pilates Classical Reformer, the Theme of Day 6

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Breath in Pilates and fluidity in our movement is our theme of the day. I’ve chosen a focus for today as our work remains the same each even day, the exercises don’t change. So, from the 6 principles of Pilates which are:




Flow (fluidity)

Centering (move from core out as well as mind-body awareness)


I chose both breath and flow for our focus today. I couldn’t quite pick one only, lol. This means I will spend less time explaining set ups and even a little less teaching points and cues. It’s time to start tuning into your own body and movement and see if this can become a more fluid flow. I hope you are excited at the end of today’s session as I was and couldn’t believe how much quicker it went! If you liked this, then drop me a comment below and I will continue to do this in week 4!

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and the long box.

Class Level :     

Intermediate – Advanced presented (all depends on the exercise). Modifications given when appropriate.

The Course of this Class :   



Roll Over – our warm up for today and now we jump into where we left off from day 5.

Chest Expansion

Thigh Stretch




Tick tock


Balance Control on/off

Long Spine

High Frogs

Leg circles

Knee Stretch series: round, flat, off


Pelvic lift

High bridge

Leg pull front

Leg pull back

Side splits

Front splits

Russian splits

Remember this program is all for you to hone your practice so focus in on that breath in Pilates through each movement and this will also help you to find your flow! Have fun deepening your practice, getting stronger and making new connections and movement patterns.

Goals :     

Breathe better, deeper, fuller. Focus more while moving. Find fluidity and reduce time through transitions. Deepen, tune, improve and refine your own Pilates practice. Enjoy the classical work and exercises presented in their original order. Repeat again and again, 2x/week until you see significant changes in your form, precision, control, concentration, strength, ability, and more.

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