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Bring your Plié Workout with Hilal

Instructor: Hilal Leigh
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed : 1 barre OR countertop, OR wall OR back of a chair.

Focus : Legs and Booty, feet and ankles in this plié workout. A combo flow which works your ADductors, your ABductors, your glutes, your calf muscles, your core, all whilst maintaining shoulder girdle and core stability. In just 11 minutes you’ll get an effective quick workout for the lower body. This was to show you one quick flow that you can do when very short on time OR tack on to another upper body workout, OR simply repeat 3-4x for a fuller workout?!

Class Level : Beginner on up, for everyone!

The Course of this Class : Pliés, heel raises, glute presses finished off with some glute med and quad stretches. This is a very simple lower body flow.

Goals : How to get in a quick flow in the middle of your day, or work on your pliés and combine with another workout for more. Today we will tone your legs from booty down and feet back up while focusing on good tall posture, shoulder and core stability.

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