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Building Bone Density & Strength in Legs & Posterior Chain for All Ages

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

Focus :   

Building and maintaining bone density and strength in the body is key to aging and something that often decreases as the years roll on! Resistance training and weight training is scientifically proven to help stave off that loss effectively! These exercises are baselines, but if you keep your strength in them you’ll be able to do them late into your years which will make you a stronger, more mobile and flexible version of yourself. Today’s exercises are also directly helpful to fall prevention so we will be working both the concentric and the eccentric directions of movement which you’ll want to learn to do always in your self practice!

Welcome to day three of our Anti-Aging, fall prevention program. Movement for all ages and all time. A reminder that In this program we are endeavoring to answer the question:

“WHAT MOVEMENTS should I be including in my daily, or weekly, routine?” These movements provide a baseline for strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Come back to this class and the others as often as you like, or return to glance below at the list of exercises included within to make sure you are getting them in to your every week routine. Remember that if you are using our workouts 2-3 times per week you are bound to get these movements in 👍.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and Reformer sitting box.

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

Listed below are the exercises included in class today so that you can remember which ones you did and which ones to get in each week or multiple times per week.

Legs: Leg presses or better known as footwork. Glute bridge and hip lifts. Feet in straps.

Posterior Chain (upper back, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings): Superman. Swimming. Hamstring curls with feet in straps. Swan.

Leg presses, or footwork, is fabulously genius in that it not only helps correct alignment issues from the feet through the knees to the hips, but it also strengthens your leg muscles AND bones! If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, are prone to get it, and even if you don’t, these presses are very important to do regularly. If you have lost bone density, in some cases you can regain some in addition to maintaining what you have still. Moving your spine in an extension direction is also very important for you and your safest direction of movement. It may not feel “good” but the material your vertebrae are made of in the back is stronger than that of the front, so not only will you be strengthening your spine but you’ll be moving in a direction that doesn’t put your vertebrae at risk.

Goals :     

Maintain current bone density, re-densify if possible any density loss, strengthen leg bones and muscles, feet, ankles, knees and hips. Strengthen the spine in extension as well as the posterior chain muscles of the body. Understand what movement and exercises are important to stay strong in now through all time. Fall prevention. Improve not only concentric strength but eccentric strength. Age gracefully and with strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.

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